Unraveled Academy online workshops have been designed for artists who are looking to dive deeper with Unraveled’s top instructors. We offer two different workshop experiences, Interactive and Self-Guided, to meet each artist's individual needs. Both workshop experiences offer the same content, behind the scenes and editing videos. 

For our Interactive Workshops, instructors will guide you through buildable content, challenge you with assignments and offer feedback and critique from instructors. Workshops typically run for three to four weeks and are offered annually. Each instructor has been hand-picked for his or her passion and knowledge to create an inspirational and educational experience that will allow you to further your craft. Each week artists will have the opportunity to join their instructor in a LIVE Q&A to discuss content, ask questions and get direct feedback. Although these workshops run during a set time, artists can complete the workshop at their own pace, from the comfort of their home. We feel these workshops are the most beneficial as they are guided by the instructor, content is carefully released weekly in order to allow artists to digest the content and be accountable for their learning, and most of all, artists have direct access to their instructor during the duration of the workshop!    

Our Self-Guided Workshops have the same rich content as the Interactive workshops and allow students to complete the homework independently, on their own time. All content will be accessible upon purchase, without the guidance, feedback and Q&As with instructors. All artists are welcome as it is not required to be an Unraveled member to partake in any of our workshops. Artists will have lifetime access to their workshop content. 

Benefits of Online workshops

Take your education to the next level.

Instructor feedback and support

All students can join their instructor for weekly LIVE Q&A's where they can ask questions and get direct and specific feedback. 

Weekly assignments

Students will receive weekly assignments. Interactive workshops allow you to submit your work and receive instructor feedback.

Customized learning experience 

We offer two options for students to fit their learning needs. Choose between an active or study-along seat. 

A relaxed learning environment

Learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your home.
We offer two different workshop options for students in order to best fit their learning needs. 

Interactive Workshop 

3 week intensive workshop

These online workshops will have an interactive experience where they will be held accountable for their learning milestones. 

In-depth homework
critiques and feedback

You will be expected to submit their assignments weekly for direct and honest feedback from their instructor. 

Personalized Instructor Videos

Each artist will receive in-depth video feedback of their submitted assignments from their instructor which will be customized for each learner. 

Access to private Facebook group 

This a private facebook group for workshop students only.  It is a great way to connect with your instructor and fellow artists.  

Weekly live Q&As

During live Q&As with instructors, artists are welcome to discuss content, ask questions, talk through ideas and connect with other students. This is a HUGE value as you have direct access to your instructor each week. 

Lifetime access to content

You will receive lifetime access to this workshop by logging into your Unraveled Academy account. You do not have to be a monthly subscription member to continue to access your workshop material. 

Self Guided Workshop

Study at your own pace

Self Guided Workshops will be able to view all content of interactive workshops.   This includes a behind the scenes video and an editing video. 

Optional, independent assignments

Artists are welcome to complete the assignments provided by the instructor independently. Instructors will not see this work. 

Lifetime access to content

You will receive lifetime access to this workshop by logging into your Unraveled Academy account. You do not have to be a monthly subscription member to continue to access your workshop material. 

Self Guided Workshops have all of the amazing content of the interactive workshops, without the direct access to the instructor. This includes independent assignments, behind the scenes  and  editing.   We feel strongly that the Interactive Workshops are well worth the additional cost as direct feedback and LIVE Q&A's are invaluable, but we get that some artists prefer to study on their own terms.  

A Self Guided Workshop
Did you miss the live runs of our epic virtual retreat, Onward? No worries. You can now purchase Onward as a self-guided workshop and study at your own pace. With 10 different industry experts teaching on diverse topics, there is something for everyone in Onward.