Yoga Nidra For Creative Clarity

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Find a deep connection to your true creative self by breaking down mental blocks and finding
clarity, balance and confidence in everyday life. Then go out into the world and dow what we're meant to do. And do it well.

Rebecca Lane, Guided Meditation Coach

Breathe, people. We've got this.
Rebecca is a mother, healer and a 18 year social entrepreneur. Since her first business launch at age 23, she's experienced a total spectrum of ups and downs that come with trying to chase the elusive work/life balance. She knew how to run a business- her art sold over $2.5 million at it's high point. But her balance was off and her life was at an all time low. When she found Yoga Nidra  she knew immediately that she stumbled upon an incredibly powerful tool that needed to be shared with her creative community.  

She took a deep dive into the worlds of both Eastern and Western healing when she began studying nidra guided meditation and the science of brain function. She has created powerful meditation tools  specifically for the creative mind. Today, Rebecca has shifted to to the role to coach, helping creatives break through mental and emotional blocks with mind/body balancing.