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Hey, let's dig A little deeper. 

"Art is coming face to face with yourself" and that is what this whole workshop is about. By digging a little deeper and applying the technical aspects of art you can help make your photography even more emotive and meaningful. We are going to take a deep dive into the elements of art and the principles of design and apply them easily to our everyday work. Once you learn how  to "read" art, your work (and maybe your life) will change forever. in these three weeks We will push beyond our comfort zones,  find ways to Incorporate new art forms, and ultimately enhance our artistic voices. Most importantly, we are bringing ALL the fun back to photography AND YOU GET TO MEET THE CURIOUS ARTIST THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN LIVING INSIDE YOU. 
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Unearthing the Artist: A Workshop by Lindsay Saunders

10.31.2022 -11.21-2022
In these three weeks you will stretch yourself creatively, and learn how to stay excited as an artist. This workshop will help you put all of the technical and artistic pieces together, so that creativity comes easier. You will leave this course feeling less limited and more excited about your craft; ready to create magic in any environment.


Lindsay lives in Alaska with her four children and husband.
When Lindsay isn't teaching middle school she's usually at home
 baking pies, obsessively drawing,
 or growing pumpkins in her garden.