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Ready to make some change in your business? Have you been interested in pursuing editorial photography but just didn't know where to start? Are you not sure what you can do with editorial Photography?

No Worries, I'm here to give you all the answers!

If you want to make a living as an editorial and creative photographer, I'm here to teach you how to work with brands, create teams, execute shoots, edit creatively with photoshop and Lightroom, create compelling photos, confidently direct and pose your subjects, and attract your dream clients . I'm going to guide you through it all! 

No more feeling lost! No more wondering how to create concepts and teams. No more getting confused with Lightroom and photoshop. No more getting bogged down in creating content that just doesn't inspire you!

Ready to take your business to the next level?!

Join Abbey 
March 27-April 14, 2023

Ready to Pivot Your Business?

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Have you been feeling stuck in your business? Ready to pivot and refresh your work? Have you always been interested in fashion and editorial photography but don't know where to start? Have you struggled with creative posing and feeling confident in directing your subjects?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then The Secrets of Editorial Photography Workshop is just for you!

Ready to go from feeling lost in your business to feeling inspired and creating what you have always dreamed of? Ready to feel confident in how to achieve your goals? Ready to feel confident in how to create an execute editorials? Ready to become a master at posing and directing?!

In this workshop we'll jump into all the topics you needs to know to get you started in editorial photography.

Week 1 - We'll be talking all about the different ways your can work as an editorial photographer, what kind of clients you can work with, different ways you can create as an editorial photographer, and how to plan and execute editorials. We'll start taking a look at what your dream client may look like in preparation for next week!

Week 2 - We'll be going in depth on how to figure out who your dream clients are, how to speak to them, how to create a portfolio that will get you booked, and how to edit with photoshop and Lightroom using lots of color and adding in creativity in post.

Week 3 - One of my favorite subjects! This week we are focusing on posing and directing. How to create compelling images through the way you pose your subjects and how to become so confident in your posing that directing becomes so easy!
01.01.2021 - .02.02.2021

Hi!!!! It's me Abbey!!!!

In case you don't know me yet, let me take a second and introduce myself. Hi I'm Abbey, I'm an editorial, fashion, and brand photographer based out of Sacramento CA. I work with brands to help create show stopping content to help them promote their products. I also work with a variety of creatives, business owners, and regular every day people who just want to look like they are on a magazine cover. I'm completely in love with helping people fall in love with themselves in front of the camera and helping creatives and brands create immersive worlds and sets to bring their products and art to life. 

When I started my business I just knew I wanted to be a photographer and I wanted to be creative, but I had no idea what that would look like. I didn't even know that editorial photography was a path I could take. When I went full time as a photographer I was searching for education and people who had already traveled the path I was hoping to follow. I was able to find tons of education for wedding and couples photographers, but nothing for people looking to pursue fashion, editorial, and more creative outlets of photography.

I was able to find education here and there from different creators and piece everything together to make it work for me, but from day one I knew I wanted to create education for other creatives out there that wanted to follow a different path with photography just like me.

There are sooooo many different ways we can create and serve our clients as photographers and one of my goals is to help show others how they can be creative in their businesses. Nothing makes me happier then being able to guide others towards an art form that completely fulfills them and lights a fire in their heart!

Have you been looking for something different? Ready to add a creative spin to your work? Want to learn how to start working with models and brands and how to put together a creative team? Ready to learn more about how to shoot creative sets in studio? Want to learn more about  how to use Lightroom and Photoshop to edit creatively?

Ready to start learning?

What others are saying

Check out what some of my past mentees say about working with me.

It's hard to put such a great experience into words! Working with Abbey was SO HELPFUL and beyond what I could have imagined as far as enhancing my business! Abbey is so knowledgeable on so many subjects and it's honestly so refreshing to be in the presence of a young female entrepreneur who wants to help others perfect their business practices! Abbey gave specific ways for me to better my business process with an action plan as well as some critiques I may have never thought to implement! As a fellow photographer and business owner, I sometimes feel like I don't need input or help, but after working with Abbey, I was excited to prioritize the information Abbey shared with me. The entire experience from start to finish was so professional, so personal, very educational and altogether inspiring. I cannot recommend Abbey enough! Whether you are just starting your business or you are 5+ years in, INVEST IN THIS!

- Kelsey (New Orleans Editorial Photographer)

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What others are saying

Check out what some of my past mentees say about working with me.
I literally cannot recommend Abbey enough! As a fellow photographer and creative, it can get really overwhelming to try to manage my business with no structure, and Abbey helped me get everything in place (website, marketing, and socials)! Everything I learned from her has helped me immensely in growing my business, and I have seen tangible results since we started working together. I've booked more clients per month and have seen increased engagement on ALL of my platforms. Thank you so much Abbey!!

- Alyssa (Texas Editorial Photographer)

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