Editing with Elise Meader

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Get Your Tones and Greens Right! 

Elise Meader 

"I was quiet, but I was not blind."
– Jane Austen
I’m Elise, mama to three boys, wife, photographer, oiler, wellness advocate, and business owner.

I’m located in central Massachusetts, where I was raised, and our whole family lives here, too!

A little bit about my journey as a photographer and what I tell my clients...

I believe in all things filled with emotion. I’ll talk with you, make you laugh, get to know you, and focus deeply on documenting the connection between you and the ones you love. Whether it be a family, a couple, a mother-to-be or a sweet newborn... I strive to capture the essence of love, light, connection and movement. Your life is a story and I am honored to document a little piece of it. You'll never regret photographs of your family with their personalities highlighted & all the love that shines through.

I am a firm believer of letting the magic unfold organically. Nothing is too posed or planned out. I have been in business for 5 years and have allegiance to my friends of Unraveled Academy, where inclusivity is a top priority! We all have a place here!