T H E  D O U L A T O G  W O R K S H O P

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A 3-Week Workshop with Nicole Hamic CD(DONA), Certified Professional Birth Photographer

Are you ready to change the world? Because there is nothing more POWERFUL or TRANSFORMATIVE as birth! Lets dive in together and dig deep into what it means to support families in their birth stories and then show them back the power and strength that they are made of!

“The Doulatog Course" is a three week intensive online workshop that walks you through the amazing yet challenging world of supporting birthing people as both their doula and their birth photographer, or "doulatog". During your time together, Nicole will help you through the steps of understanding the gear, the birth work, how to shoot, edit, find clients and give hands-on support all while running a successful business. Are you trying to figure out how to capture birth in an artful way while still respecting the birth space? Are you trying to figure out how best to support your clients and help them prepare to birth? Is booking the clients you want illusive? Nicole will teach you everything you need to know about giving comprehensive support and and executing your business plan all while working with REAL people and capturing raw and emotive images that tell THEIR unique BIRTH story.

The Doulatog Workshop | with Nicole Hamic

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Doulatog workshop overview:
This 3 week deep dive into combining the art of Birth Photography with the ever-growing and life-saving work of Birth Doula care. This workshop sets the stage for any doula or birth photographer who is interested in merging these two professions, building your business and defining what this work means for YOU! This is a workshop to not only change YOUR life, but to improve and even save the lives of birthing people and babies!

doulatog workshop includes:
  • In depth homework and feedback from Nicole
  • Access to a private Doulatog Facebook group
  • Weekly LIVE Q+A
  • Lifetime access to Doulatog content 

Nicole Hamic

Certified Doula and Certified Birth Photographer

Nicole is a passionate birth advocate who expresses that passion through her work as both a doula and birth photographer/videographer. She is active in her community through activism, mentoring, and general cheerleading! She is also co-founder of Phoenix Valley Birth and Baby; a unique collective of birth workers in the Phoenix Area. 
She believes in the transformative powers of birth as a way to change the world.