Behind The Scenes With Desra Ramey

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In this beginner photography lesson, Desra will encourage students to document their children's lives as honestly as possible. She will discuss how to guide your children into becoming comfortable in front of the camera and the importance of waiting for the right moments.

Desra Ramey

Photographer. Mother.
Desra Ramey Photography is a natural light, self taught photographer serving East Tennessee. She has been in the photography business for almost 7 Years, where she enjoys real life, documentary, lifestyle photography. She lives in Kingsport, Tn with her husband and 4 children ( all girls). She enjoys documenting her children daily, as well as giving clients the precious moments that they may not be able to gather on their own. Her motto is , “documenting your life, and gathering moments”.  Desra is a homeschool mom and enjoys taking random trips, as well as going to her favorite destination in Hilton Head every year with her family.